What is ECBD?
ECBD (European Chemical Biology Database) collects experimental results from biological screening programs performed within the EU-OPENSCREEN platform and is hosted by the Czech EU-OPENSCREEN partner site at the Institute of Molecular Genetics (IMG) in Prague belonging to CZ-OPENSCREEN. More at EU-OPENSCREEN´s Database
EU-OPENSCREEN integrates high-capacity screening platforms throughout Europe, which jointly use a rationally selected compound collection, comprising up to 140.000 commercial and proprietary compounds collected from European chemists. EU-OPENSCREEN offers to researchers from academic institutions, SME's and industrial organisations open access to its shared resources here in ECBD.
What compounds are in ECBD?
There are 3 chemical libraries in ECBD: bioactive, diverse, and academic. The bioactive library contains 2464 compounds selected with a strong emphasis on target coverage and selectivity. The diverse library contains approx. 100 000 compounds with unbiased chemical diversity, designed by five academic computational chemistry groups. In the academic library, compounds are collected from European chemists and their number will be growing over the next years. More information at EU-OPENSCREEN´s Compound Collection
Can we be part of EU-OPENSCREEN research?
Yes, especially assay and compound providers are welcome. More Participation
Who can upload data to ECBD?
Only privileged users from EU-OPENSCREEN partner sites can upload assay data. Privileges can be obtained upon request to ERIC and set by ECBD staff. If you are missing your data, contact please your collaborators from partner site as only they can upload.
How can I download ECBD data?
When browsing ECBD, you can download selected data via the download button . Database dump and larger data collections can be downloaded from the Download page.